Tina Starter 🦙


This Next.js starter is powered by TinaCMS for you and your team to visually live edit the structured content of your website. ✨

The content is managed through Markdown and JSON files stored in your GitHub repository, and queried through Tina GraphQL API.


  • Tina Headless CMS for authentication, content modeling, visual editing and team management.
  • Vercel deployment to visually edit your site from the /admin route.
  • Local development workflow from the filesystem with a local GraqhQL server.


Local Development

Install the project's dependencies:

yarn install

Run the project locally:

yarn dev

Local URLs

Building the Starter Locally (Using the hosted content API)

Replace the .env.example, with .env

NEXT_PUBLIC_TINA_CLIENT_ID=<get this from the project you create at app.tina.io>
TINA_TOKEN=<get this from the project you create at app.tina.io>
NEXT_PUBLIC_TINA_BRANCH=<Specify the branch with Tina configured>

Build the project:

yarn build

Getting Help

To get help with any TinaCMS challenges you may have:

Development tips

Visual Studio Code GraphQL extension

Install the GraphQL extension to benefit from type auto-completion.


A good way to ensure your components match the shape of your data is to leverage the auto-generated TypeScript types. These are rebuilt when your .tina config changes.


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.